I have followed the works of Roman Lappat for a few years now. If memory serves me, I recall seeing his work initially at the coolminiornot website. Then I found his website at www.massivevoodoo.blogspot.com, a must see resource for painters. Most recently, I ran across another beautiful website that features the work of master painters and sculptors. Contributions to the site are by invitation only, and the only ones invited are the cream of the crop. The site is called “Putty and Paint.” Roman Lappat’s work is featured on this site.

On the Putty and Paint site, I found these photos of 1/72 scale dioramas. The Spartan figures are from the Zvezda 1/72 scale figures, box no. 8068. Feast your eyes:

sacrifice01__sized_l sacrifice02__sized_l sacrifice04__sized_l sacrifice05__sized_l sacrifice06__sized_l


The second set of photos is a diorama made up of more Zvezda 1/72 scale figures:

01__sized_l 02__sized_l 03__sized_l 04__sized_l 05__sized_l 06__sized_l 08__sized_l 09__sized_l 10__sized_l


I want to thank Roman for allowing me to post these images.