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I stumbled across a great resource for learning to paint miniature figures in an email bulletin I receive weekly from Warlord Games. A couple of weeks ago, they began posting links to videos on how to paint 28mm figures. Christy Beall is the painter guiding you, step by step.  The figures are primarily WWII figures. I think they are worth taking the time to watch. I emailed Christy, asking her how she got involved in painting and in particular, painting miniatures. She writes:


I’ve been doing various sorts of art and painting for as long as I can remember; my parents are craftspeople and I majored in Studio Art at university, though my focus then was in printmaking and bookbinding. I developed my interest in figure painting when I moved from the United States (where I was born) to the Netherlands. I did this to live with my boyfriend, who is Dutch. He already had a keen interest in figure painting and tank modeling. I was still interested in pursuing a creative hobby in Europe, but because we lacked space for anything very large, I followed him into the world of figure painting – after all, we already had models, paints and brushes! At that time, he was working mostly in 54mm, so that’s what I started in as well. I did quite a few in that scale and still do from time to time, when I feel like it. However, at some point, he started to become interested in wargaming in 28mm, so he changed scales. I resisted for awhile, but later started wargaming too and painting smaller figures. During this time, he was busy helping to found a publishing company, Karwansaray Publishers, which produces historical books and magazines, including Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare. We eventually acquired the Spanish wargaming magazine, Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy as well. At that point, I was still working in a different job, but I was eventually able to quit and go to work for the publishing company where I now do layout, graphic design and various other things. Given our involvement with WS&S, I started to become increasingly interested in wargaming and 28mm figure painting; I worked on a variety of project for or related to the magazine. Last year, I decided to start experimenting with video production as a sort of extra feature/publicity tool for WS&S. I decided figure painting tutorials would be an ideal use for the medium and I also knew that there weren’t many people doing historical tutorials, which is why I went into that (also, I had most experience with historicals). It’s basically just been growing from there, since people seem to find them useful and interesting to watch. It’s been good for me as a painter too, since the regular practice has really helped me improve my technique on a variety of different subjects.

The link to her website is a youtube channel:

I don’t want to prejudice the reader against any of the videos Christy offers. They are all worth watching, but it’s easy to have a few personal favorites. I especially like her tutorials of the WWI British Officer and the WWII US Airborne Soldier. After you have watched a few let me know which are your favorites.  And don’t forget to “Like” the videos and to leave Christy comments. Okay, I looked again and really liked the video on the War of the Roses Archer and the ECW? Monmouth Rebellion figure she paints. It’s hard to pick out a favorite. Watch them all.

Here are some examples of Christy’s work:

mac us german angron1

The link to the magazine mentioned in her comments is:

Thanks Christy


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  1. all your tutorials are very good and lots of info thanks i pick up many great tips on painting 28 mm figures anglo m san mateo ca usa. thanks again looking forward to some new one in the future.

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