Nutsplanet has done it again. I don’t know if I can put my finger on why I am so attracted to these figures, but they just put out another figure I must have. I took the first two figures they manufactured to SCAHMS this month and they went over very well. Several of the club’s best painters commented on wanting to paint one. (They’ve got to get their own.) In fact, the next time I place an order, I have a friend who wants the first three. My guess he will want add this one to his order as well.

They recently posted the box art for the Knight of St. John. Notice, also, the variations on the helmet:

NP004color01 NP004color04 NP004color08 NP004color10 NP004color11

Great job, Nutsplanet.

I might add that the resin pieces are very clean. At first glance, there doesn’t look like there is much cleanup. I plan to take a few photos of the Roman Soldier as I unbox it and piece it together and paint it.